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An insider look into Samskrita Bharati - its vision, mission,...
1 year subscription to सम्भाषणसन्देशः - monthly magazine in...
Twelve world famous stories translated by various authors....
Original verses of Bhartṛhari's Nītiśatakam with an English...
Compilation of secondary verb roots derived by simultaneous...
Biographical sketch of Adi Śaṅkarācārya. Hindi original by...

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  • About Bookstore

    Welcome to Samskrita Bharati USA Bookstore ! Our bookstore offers a wide range of books for children and adults alike. You can find many books in Sam...

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Samskrita Bharati USA Bookstore
2068 Walsh Avenue, Suite# B2
Santa Clara, California 95050
NOTE: Books are NOT shipped from this location.


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